# Railbus, pilihan baru transportasi massal Kota Solo

Four round lights under the glass, the nose railbus series, it seems dominant. Glass on it wide and clear. At first glance, seen from the front as the face of a bus. The inside is clean. White chair with seat and backrest looks dark brown in harmony with wide glass construction on the left and right.

The chairs in the series railbus that if occupied felt relieved. Construction, such as executive-class buses, two-two-seat range. Railbus parked in the complex PT Inka Madiun it will soon become citizens of the city of Solo.

Plan of City Government (City Government) Solo operate mass transportation facilities railbus will soon become reality. City Government produced plans to introduce railbus PT Industri Kereta Api (Inka), Madison was in celebration of the Anniversary (HUT) to the Solo-266 17 February.

Railbus shaped like a bus that runs on top of the rail. Railbus in Solo will be operated to serve the people of the city of Solo toward Sukoharjo-Wonogiri by crossing the middle of the city of Solo.

With an output of 560 kw power generated from the engine mounted on the frame below, railbus able to attract a series of three-unit train (passenger car) a total capacity of 160 people with a maximum speed of 100 kilometers / hour.

Railbus equipped with air conditioner (AC) and luggage rack. The color of the inside and the outside is designed as a combination that reflects the philosophy of the slogan Spirit of Java.

Mayor in Solo Joko Widodo, on Monday (17/1), visited the PT Inka Madiun. He was in the entourage of local government officials and journalists see railbus readiness. Mass transportation is expected to complement the people's choice to utilize mass transportation.

"Railbus expected to improve service to the community, especially in fulfilling the transportation needs," said the Mayor.

Mayor explains railbus which will be operated in the city of Solo, composed of a separate chain. The plan railbus will operate in the way of the railroad (KA) that crosses the center of the city of Solo.

"Obviously going through the rail which is now already in the middle of the city. At the launch, railbus will be tested a few days, then will be returned to PT Inka Madiun to perfection, "added the Mayor.

Operation modes of mass transportation railbus are expected to solve the problem of transport in the city of Solo. People who normally use a private vehicle is expected to switch to mass transportation.

Managing Director (CEO) of PT Inka Madiun, Roos Diatmoko, said it was railbus order the central government through the Directorate General (DG) of Railways Ministry of Communications. Railbus assembly program implemented through the Budget Implementation Entry List (DIPA) in two stages. Phase I in 2009 and Phase II in 2010 with a total value of Rp 16 billion.

Roos explained railbus designed specifically as a means of transportation construction combination of light buses and trains. Railbus be called bus travel on the rail. Weight normal trains with buses that run on the tracks is different because railbus designed lighter.

"This is railbus Railbus second built PT Inka Madiun. Railbus first been operated at Sriwijaya University (Sriwijaya) Palembang, Southern Sumatra, "he said.
Roos said the manufacture of a set railbus consisting of three trains (wagon) will cost Rp 16 billion. In developing railbus it, Roos says, PT Inka designing a train with a lighter material so that the construction of rail become more affordable.

Currently, readiness railbus was 95 percent. Before the launch, PT Inka Madiun will refine some parts, of which raise the roof.