# HONDA CB 100 Glatik 1974 - New Restoration For Sale

plate: AB (Jogja)
letter: complete n get along all
tax: death
tank: cb125 glatik ori
speedometer: ori CB100
front legs: RX King
hind legs: ori CB100
machine: all new innards ori CB100
panels: all the flame
rear fender: new CB100
Seat: new
battery: a new 12volt
Ignition: CDI
paint: new
can also be sold ngecer gan
just select the parts where gan who want to buy
Essentially, the motor runs out ane ni restoration and new so today gan.
so already ready to use aj
IN Repairing ane open price nego

gan ni picnya, hope "appears aja gan

Cb glatik th74:

gan ni no hp ane
0857 292 830 78